Patrick Dahm is a Ger­man attor­ney-at-law (Rechts­an­walt) based in Singa­pore. He prac­tises as arbit­ra­tion coun­sel and leg­al expert wit­ness and accepts appoint­ments as arbit­rat­or.

Patrick has rep­res­en­ted parties in mul­tiple arbit­ral pro­ceed­ings, gov­erned by vari­ous rules (SIAC, DIS, UNCITRAL) and pro­ced­ur­al and sub­stant­ive laws (both com­mon law and civil law).

As a Singa­pore for­eign prac­ti­tion­er he has the dis­tinc­tion of being admit­ted to prac­tise Ger­man and Singa­pore law. In oth­er words, he knows the pit­falls that lit­ter the path of dis­pute res­ol­u­tion across bor­ders.

He also prac­tises cor­por­ate com­mer­cial and IT law in a law firm.

Arbitration Panels & Listings

dahm adr

Patrick is on the arbit­ra­tion pan­els of the fol­low­ing organ­isa­tions:

  • Chinese Arbit­ra­tion Asso­ci­ation, Taipei (CAA)
  • Thai­l­and Arbit­ra­tion Cen­ter (THAC)
  • Indi­an Insti­tute of Arbit­ra­tion & Medi­ation (IIAM)
  • Delos Dis­pute Res­ol­u­tion, Par­is

These insti­tu­tions have lis­ted him as an arbit­rat­or:

  • Vienna Inter­na­tion­al Arbit­ra­tion Centre (VIAC)
  • Arbit­ra­tion and Medi­ation Cen­ter of the Maur­i­ti­us Cham­ber of Com­merce and Industry (MARC)

Professional Associations

Patrick is a mem­ber of the fol­low­ing pro­fes­sion­al asso­ci­ations:



  • Asi­an Insti­tute of Altern­at­ive Dis­pute Res­ol­u­tion (AIAC, Fel­low)
  • Chartered Insti­tute of Arbit­rat­ors (CIArb, Mem­ber)
  • Swiss Arbit­ra­tion Asso­ci­ation (ASA, Mem­ber)
  • Ger­man Insti­tu­tion of Arbit­ra­tion (DIS/Deutsche Insti­tu­tion für Schieds­ge­richts­bar­keit e. V., Mem­ber)
  • Singa­pore Academy of Law
  • Law Soci­ety of Singa­pore
  • Bar Asso­ci­ation of Ber­lin (Rechts­an­walts­kammer Ber­lin)
  • Indo-Ger­man Law­yers Asso­ci­ation (Deutsch-Indis­che Jur­is­ten­ver­ei­ni­gung e. V.)
  • Ger­man-Singa­por­ean Law­yers Asso­ci­ation (Deutsch-Singapur­ische Jur­is­ten­ver­ei­ni­gung e. V.)